California Partnership for Long Term Care

Partnership-certified companies

Below is a list of the insurance companies that participate with the California Partnership for Long-Term CareCare given to someone who can no longer perform activities of daily living.. However, none of these companies are presently selling and/or offering Partnership long-term care insuranceSpecific type of insurance policy designed to offer financial support to pay for necessary long-term care services. coverage.

Nevertheless, should you have any general questions about your Partnership long-term care insurance policy, please contact their customer service representatives. For questions concerning premium and/or rate increases, click here.


Bankers Life and Casualty Company  1-800-621-3724

CNA Life Insurance Company  1-800-262-1037

Genworth Life Insurance Company  1-888-436-9678

John Hancock Life Insurance Company  1-800-732-5543

MetLife Metropolitan Life Insurance Company  1-888-687-0977

New York Life Insurance Company  1-800-225-5695

Transamerica Life Insurance Company  1-800-227-3740

CalPERS Long-Term Care Program*  1-800-908-9119

* All California public employees, retirees and their spouses, siblings (age 18 and older), parents and parents-in-law are eligible to apply. Call CalPERS for application period dates