California Partnership for Long Term Care

What is the California Partnership for Long-Term Care?

There are many different approaches to handling long-term careCare given to someone who can no longer perform activities of daily living. that accommodate the varying personalities, resources and values of every Californian. One solution, supported by the California Department of Health Care Services, is the California Partnership for Long-Term Care (Partnership). Established in 1994, the Partnership is a program designed to help Californians navigate long-term care issues.

The Partnership works with select private insurance carriers, who meet stringent standards set by the state, to develop unique insurance policies that protect you and your family from the devastating costs and hardships that are often associated with long-term care. All Partnership-approved policies contain vital features necessary for high quality long-term care insuranceSpecific type of insurance policy designed to offer financial support to pay for necessary long-term care services. coverage including:

  • Built-in automatic inflation protectionProtects the policyholder from covering the difference between what the insurance policy will pay, which is based on the costs of services when you purchased the policy, and the actual cost of care when you need it. Every Partnership policy is required to have this protection, and the state highly recommends that you protect yourself by only purchasing a policy with inflation protection. of 5 percent annually
  • Care coordination and monitoring by licensed health professionals independent of the insurance company to develop a plan of care based upon your individual needs and resources
  • Once-in-a-lifetime deductibleDeductible that must be met only once in your lifetime so that if you stop using policy benefits and then must use them again, you will not have to pay a second deductible
  • Waiver of premium for all days your policy pays for care in a nursing or residential care facility
  • Medi-Cal asset protection to ensure a portion of your assets are protected should you need to rely on Medi-Cal